Mar 31, 2011

Creative Scrappers #148

I made this layout for Creative  Scrappers #148.

I used new Bo Bunny's paper and sticker.

There are too Lovely and CUTE.

I enjoy it.

Thank you!

Mar 30, 2011

Power of SMILE

I made this layout for Artist's Garden Place #8.

Theme: power
color: gold

My daughter's smiles make me happy.

A lot of Japanese feel sorry at the damage of the severe earthquake.
However, we believe our power.
Our smile make them happy.

Mar 29, 2011

Get Your Sketch On! #12

Get Your Sketch On!(GYSO) is great sketch challenge site.

My layout for GYSO#9 was chosen as TOP5!!!
 I am happy:)

It was very simple.

Mar 28, 2011

1st grader

I made it for my class sample.

This patterned paper is too cute.


I did not have any mind to do after an earthquake.
But I cannot support a stricken area if our spirit disappear.

I decided to continue making a work.
And I want to crop with my friends sometime.

There papers are too CUTE.

I made some borders with my craft panch.

Pray for Japan

A big earthquake attacked the East Japan on March 11, 2011.

A lot of people die, and a lot of people are still missing.
An aftershock continues in the East Japan, and there is still a lot of people living an inconvenient life.
The worry such as radiation leaks does not die out by the explosion of the nuclear power plant.

When an earthquake happened, I was at Shinjuku Station of Tokyo.
A train shook greatly, and I took refuge immediately.
The train did not work and I spent night in one building hall afterwards.

By a very terrible earthquake, people in Japan become uneasy.
But let's certainly revive without yielding to this difficult situation.
Let's think about what I should have done now.

Please pray for Japan.

Mar 6, 2011

Get Your Sketch On! #9

I made this layout for Get Your Sketch On! #9.

I used "mix and mend" of Sassafras. It's too cute!

Mar 2, 2011

Self standing 12inch layout


I made this layout for my class.
It's 12inch layout, and alterd.

Get Your Sketch On! #8

I made this layout with GYSO#8 sketch.

 I used Sew easy. I made stetch hole,and I write a line. It's looks like stetche with Sewing machine.
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